At the center of many healing traditions is this understanding: the essential energy and rhythm of the Earth profoundly affects health and well-being. Our task as healers is to sharpen our ability to recognize how this energy moves through us and around us, so we can help guide it into balance. As a metaphor, the Five Elements concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a profound way to understand the patterns that permeate and affect every living thing.

This webinar series explores the distinctive ways that elemental energies contribute to symptoms of health and disease in the body, mind and spirit, and provides specific guidance for working with them.

Using this easily understood framework, you’ll begin to recognize the patterns that are all around us and immediately be able to use them in your practice, and in your own life. We’ll explore the ways each of the Five Elements are expressed through physical health, personality/character and psycho-spiritual well-being.

This is an intermediate level course. Students should have a fundamental understanding of the use of herbal medicines.

This webinar recording includes 10 two hour webinars and extensive handouts; see the Five Elements Syllabus for content details. A link to digital recording of the webinars and handouts will be sent via email. You can use the link to access both for one year from your purchase date.